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Mara's Story

                                Stylish.  Determined.  Prepared for disaster (1972) 

                               Stylish.  Determined.  Prepared for disaster (1972) 

I'm a writer and public speaker working on a collection of memoir essays, told from the perspective of a sister, daughter, wife and mother.  My stories illuminate a basic human drive to live with purpose and joy in spite of adversity and tragedy.  Maybe you'll recognize a little bit of yourself in my stories. You can read some of them here on my website and in an eclectic mix of publications, from Chicken Soup for the Soul to The Nervous Breakdown, from Jewrotica to Mothers Always Write and dozens of others. I've told some of my stories on stage, and links to some videos from those events appear here.   

I hold a doctorate in political science and served on the faculty of Loyola Marymount University's Urban Studies Program. A senior fellow at the Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles and active in several local civic and community organizations, my scholarship and commentaries have appeared in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and in general news outlets. A partial list appears here

My greatest joy is cultivating meaningful connections with other humans. Thank you for visiting my website.